Audience Growth

Engage your target

You want to create and/or optimize your channel to lead your community and captivate your audience.

An engaging channel relies on HUB content:

Strategy and guidance on editorial policy

Definition of the ideal content for your YouTube channel taking on board your needs and challenges and best practices from the competition and peers around the world.

Channel management

Daily management of your channel to broaden your audience in keeping with the best practices. Channel management relies on analytics to favor and reinforce the virtuous cycle Discover → Watch → Engage

HUB and HELP content programming

Media and distribution scheduling of your video content for 6 to 18 months. Recommendations on activation to accelerate the growth of your channel.

Social Community management

Interaction with your subscribers and other YouTube channels in your industry’s ecosystem to really get into the YouTube mindset and conversation.

KPI measurement

We track your channel’s view time volume, view hits, suggested videos, subscribers, comments, likes, subscriber feedback, shares on Facebook/Twitter, and more.